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All about Seya Seller Hub Explained in Sinhala. A video guide by SL Geek. 

Seller Guide

Registration & Almost everything is 100% Free. No hidden costs. You will be charged just a small comission, Only if you got any order.Register & start selling today. 

ලියාපදිංචි වීම සහ හැමදෙයක්ම වගේ නොමිලේ. සැඟවුණු ගාස්තු නොමැත. ඔබට ඇනවුමක් ලැබුනහොත් පමණක් සුළු ගාස්තුවක් අයවේ .

After the registration is done, You can see an error message, that your account is not active. Thats because we need to make sure that you have a way to ship your own orders to the customer, after getting an order. Simply you can register with any courier service, which supports online tracking. (Eg-Grasshoppers, Domex, Koombiyo, Certis, Citypak, Pronto etc…) . Registration is not required, But we want to know which courier service that you are using. So if this is your first time selling, make sure to contact a courier service which available in your area, which deliver island-wide and able to track online. After the registration, simply email us and mention your registered courier service and you can activate your account ASAP. However, If not, you will receive an email to confirm your courier service within 48 hours. ***Make sure to update your bank infomations, otherwise, your account stays inactive. 

ලියාපදිංචි වීමෙන් පසු ඔබගේ ගිණුම සක්‍රිය වී නොතිබෙන අතර එයට හේතුවනම් ඔබට ඇනවුමක් ලැබුණු පසු එය යැවීමට ඔබට හැකියාව පවතීද  පරික්ෂා කරීමට අවශ්‍ය බැවිනි. ඒ සඳහා ඔබ මේ වන විටත් කුරිය සේවාවක් හා ලියාපදිංචි වී ඇත්නම් විටත් කුරිය සේවාවක් භාවිත කරන්නේ නම් එය ප්‍රමාණවත් වේ. එම කුරිය සේවාව හරහා යවනු ලබන පැකේජ online ක්‍රමයට track කල හැකි විය යුතු අතර දිවයින පුරා බෙදාහැරීම් සිදු කරන සේවාවක් විය යුතුය. (උදා- Grasshoppers, Domex, Koombiyo, Certis, Citypak, Pronto) . එසේ ලියාපදිංචිව ඇතිනම් වෙත email පණිවුඩයක් ඒවා ඒ පිලිබඳ දැනුම් දී, ඔබගේ ගිණුම සක්‍රිය කරගත හැක. එසේත් නොමැතිනම් පය 48 ක් තුල අප විසින් ඔබට email පණිවුඩයක් ඒවා එය තහවුරු කරගනු ඇත. එයට ප්‍රතිචාර දක්වා ඔබගේ ගිණුම සක්‍රිය කරගත හැක. ** ඔබගේ බැංකු ගිණුම් විස්තර යාවත්කාලින කර තිබීම අනිවාර්ය වන අතර යම් හෙයකින් එය සිදුවුයේ නැති වුවහොත් ඔබගේ ගිණුම සක්‍රිය  නොවේ.

After activating your account, You can manage your products and orders through the dashboard. But before that make sure to update your store and account details via dashboard. You can add cover photo, profile photo, address and contact details etc. 

ඔබගේ ගිණුම සක්‍රිය කිරීමෙන් පසුව ඔබට products add කිරීමට සහ orders ලබාගැනීමට හැකියාව පවතින් අතර ඊට පෙර ඔබගේ store එකෙහි cover photo, profile picture ඇතුළු විස්තර update  කරන්න.

Go to the products tab & click on Add products button. Add simple title, price, Picture and category. Make sure to select most accurate category. If you think there is no matching category, Feel free to contact us. After adding product, you can complete the rest of the details. You need to tick “Manage stock” and add the number of stock that you have. It’s a must to manage stock. Also you can update weight as well. This is not required for us, but it required to calculate shipping charge. (If you havent updated the weight, you won’t get additional weight based charges. (Eg- If the weight is 1.5KG, You get Shipping charge + Rs.50 per extra KG). So make sure to add weight. You can complete rest of the details. But make sure to not to add any kind of external links in product description or in photos. This may cause to keep your product inactive. If everuthing is great, you can publish your product. After couple of hours, our product team will approve your product. If anything wrong, We will let you know via email. ** Please note that you cant mention another website or your contact details.

Products ටැබ් එක වෙත ගොස් ඔබගේ products එකතු කලහැක. එහි add products වෙත ගොස් products add කල හැක. මෙහිදී මාතෘකාව, මිල ගණන් විස්තර, කැටගරි එක මෙන්ම පින්තුරයක් එකතු කල හැක. මෙහිදී වඩාත් ගැලපෙන කැටගරි එක තේරිය යුතු අතර යම් හෙයකින් ගැලපෙන කැටගරි එකක් නොමැති නම් ඒ පිලිබඳ අප වෙත දැනුම්දිය හැක.  පසුව publish කරන්න. ඉන් පසු තව දුරටත් විස්තර එකතු කල හැක. මෙහිදී ඔබ සතුව තිබෙන stocks ප්‍රමාණය ඇතුලත් කිරීම අනිවාර්යය වේ. මෙහිදී manage stock යන්න tick කර ප්‍රමාණය ඇතුලත් කිරීම අනිවාර්යය වේ. මිට අමතරව භාණ්ඩයේ බර ඇතුලත් කල හැකි අතර මෙය කුරිය ගාස්තු ගණනය කිරීමට උපකාරී වේ. උදාහරණයක් ලෙස, කිලෝ එකකට වැඩි අයිතමයක් විකිණීමේදී, නැතහොත් 800g  වන අයිතම දෙකක් ඇනවුම් කළහොත්, එයද 1KG වඩා වැඩි වන බැවින් මෙහිදී ඔබ විසින් weight එක update කර නොතිබුණහොත්, සාමාන්‍ය කුරිය ගාස්තුව පමණක් ලැබේ. නැතිනම් අමතර කිලෝවකට රු.50 බැගින් ඔබට ලැබේ. ඒ නිසා දලවශයෙන් හෝ බර ඇතුලත් කරන්න. හැමදේම නිවැරදි නම් පැය කිහිපයක් තුල product එක active වනු ඇත. නැතහොත් ඔබට ඊමේල් හරහා දැනුම්දෙනු ලැබේ. **Product Image, title, description හෝ මොනයම් ස්ථානයක හෝ වෙනත් වෙබ් අඩවියක්, ඔබගේ contact details ඇතුළු දෑ සඳහන් කිරීම තහනම් වේ. 


Once you got an order, You can see it in the orders section. Please note that you have to ship your order within 3 business days. (Holidays and sundays are not considered as business days). If you didnt ship your order and add tracking details within 3 days, your order will be cancelled by end of 5 th day. So what you have to do is, you can find the address and phone number of the customer. Pack your items safely and shipped through courier and add tracking link and tracking number through the shipment section. 

Click on create new shipment, and set status to Shipped. And fill the rest of the details. Shipping provider should be “Other”. Date shipped should be the date that your courier pick your order. It could be today’s date, yesterday, even tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Tracking number is the number which you receive by the courier company. Some companies call this way bill number. Need to mention the provider name (Courier’s name) and the online tracking url. Make sure to tick the notify shipment details to customer. and click on create shipment. Please make sure, customer’s COD value should be Rs.0. Because you are only getting pre paid orders. That means customer has been already paid for item and shipping. So if you didnt signed with any courier, then you need to pay courier charge to the courier and you will get it after the order get delivered.

Once you got new order, You can see the amount in sales section. That means Shipping charge + Product Value. However, after successful delivery, You can see that it moved to earning section. (Full shipping charge & Product value, after reducing the comission). Eg- If product value is Rs.1000, and shipping is Rs.200 , After delivery, you get Rs.200 + Rs.900 . 

You can view all reports by visiting reports tab.

You can withdraw your money anytime. You can only withdraw the money in earnings tab. Not sales. However, your money will be deposited after 3 days. (within 4 th or 5th day) because we give customer a chance to return the product with a valid reason, like, non working product, damaged product etc. Money will deposited in to given account. 


Category Comission
All Physical Products Digital Products
9.9% 19.9%

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges differ from service to service. It also can be changed depend on the city which you are living. However as every site, we use colombo based average shipping rates. So we know that your courier may charge you higher or less. Eg- Your courier charge rs. 220 to deliver in zone A, Then you can add Rs.31 to the product price (Rs.220-189) . So like wise, you can find the average amount that you are going to loose. So you can add that amound to the product price. 

Category Comission
Zone A Rs.189
Zone B Rs.239
Zone C Rs.259
Zone D Rs.289
Zone E Rs.289


It depends. Please scroll up for more info. However, comission range is depend on the category. For physical products, It’s around 10 %. 

No. All other services are 100% Free. You will charge only the sales comission if you got any order. Eg- If you got any order worth Rs.100, If the comission is 9%, You get Rs.91 from that.

In seya, we make payments easy for you. You can withdraw your money anytime. Once the order is delivered, Amount will be added to your seller hub account. You can request money anytime. Money will be deposited to any given bank account after 3 days (We give 3 day return period to customers) , So after 3 days (Before 5th day), your money will be deposited. 

As a seller, you have to pay courier charge first. After order is getting delivered, You will get product charge and courier charge (both) as well. So make sure not to charge any amount from the customer, since all the orders are pre paid. 


Questions ?

Contact us via email anytime. We are happy to help.